Drool – Teenage Skin

Written by Laura Day

Drool’s long awaited single, ‘Teenage Skin’, comes off the back of successful UK shows and follows their ‘Runaway EP’ released June 2021. And, as always, the boys have smashed it.

‘Teenage Skin’ is a beautiful sonnet dedicated to nostalgic yearnings for youth. However, more than that, it acknowledges the emotional complexity of the human experience in general. The depth of feeling is captured in a dreamy track which transports the listener to their most treasured times.

In a musical genre which often prefers to hide vulnerability behind defensive retorts, Drool bare all. They weave delicate layers of musical melody around the words which confess the difficulties in sharing ‘what’s gone wrong, waiting for some ears to prick up and hug you and make you at home.’ Surely this echoes the longing we’ve all felt during the past two years alone.

Teenage Skin solidifies Drool as a band who are robustly astute with an intuitive talent for communicating emotional depth in both lyric and melody. All this, without compromising the feeling of good old rock and roll. This is no easy feat. If anything, it proves to be a refreshing departure from what we’ve come to recognise as being at the heart of modern music. In sum, this is a song that needs to be listened to but, ultimately, demands to be felt.

Drool are playing their next gig in London on 31st March 2022 at The Victoria in Dalston and there’s still time to bag yourself a ticket. You can view the wonderfully emotive video for Teenage Skin, filmed on location at Brighton Pier, below:

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