Drool – Misery

Written by Laura Day

‘Misery’ is Drool’s latest, and final tease, from their upcoming EP ‘Songs for The Sad Kidz’. Widely anticipated by many a Drool fool, we were not disappointed. It’s bloody delicious.

Beginning with languid chords that are reminiscent of Nirvana’s ‘Come As You Are’, the listener is absorbed into a narrative where Misery becomes a mistress mirroring the human paradox.

“I think I always knew that she wasn’t good for me, but she was all I knew” reveals the tendency to crave familiar situations, regardless of how destructive they might be. Followed up with the vulnerable confession about “It’s good to be back but I don’t feel right, there feels something weird about it…” challenges us to consider how we find comfort in what we know, even in sorrow.

Overall, the melody is seductive, the refrain is dreamy, and Joey’s voice is the familiar anchor we cling to as he begs “I hope that you take me away.”

If anything, this latest single is a clear demonstration of how Drool are constantly pushing the boundaries of themselves. Misery has its own DNA but remains underpinned by Drool’s undeniable talent for expressing in music what cannot be composed in words.

The ‘Songs for The Sad Kids EP’ is still eagerly awaited. ‘Misery’ is available, however, to listen to right now. Hear it by tapping below:

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