Cat SFX – Binman

Up until here Cat SFX have been a sheer powerhouse of Gothic Punk Rock, with a rapidly expanding assemblage of anarchic singles left behind in their wake ripping into shit modern culture and the most despicable of bastards. On their latest single, and the first track from the forthcoming EP – Binman, the London-based band’s frontwoman Caterina Speranza turn things in on herself, swapping rampageous outward fury for vulnerably tuneful but critical personal contemplation.

At times sounding positively like Tori Amos, the anger remains but this time turned inward to self loathing, with the grand chorus proclamation of “I’m no good – never said that I could, never said that I would” and a heartstoppingly atmospheric bridge demanding authenticity and a stripping away of all the bullcrap to make way for the singer’s own peace of mind, with a euphoric plea to “say what you mean, say what you see”.

The ‘Binman EP’ is on it’s way shortly and you can pre-save it on Spotify and Apple Music now. The tracklisting is due to look something like the following:

  1. Binman
  2. RIP This Love
  3. Driving Blind
  4. Stay Young

Take a listen to Binman on the Spotify link below:

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