Cat SFX – Binman

Up until here Cat SFX have been a sheer powerhouse of Gothic Punk Rock, with a rapidly expanding assemblage of anarchic singles left behind in their wake ripping into shit modern culture and the most despicable of bastards. On their latest single, and the first track from the forthcoming EP – Binman, the London-based band’sContinue reading “Cat SFX – Binman”

Cat SFX – Rodeo

Like the rest of us, Cat Speranza is pissed off at the state of the world. Unlike the rest of us, she has a podium to stand on and preach. And, by God, she is using it well! Cat SFX are lead singer Caterina Speranza, guitarist Giancarlo Mariani, bassist Jacob Morris, drummer Gordon Mills andContinue reading “Cat SFX – Rodeo”

Cat SFX – Upside Down

On thunderous new single Upside Down, Cat SFX use an Echobelly via The Slits via L7 britpop, punk rock, grunge fusion vehicle to ponder whether it’s wise for a society constantly bombarded with demotivating images 24/7 through smartphone and tv news channels to turn to antidepressants as a first choice pick-me-up. Along with previous singlesContinue reading “Cat SFX – Upside Down”