The About Page

What is this site?
Edge of Arcady is here to show off music we love. Indie, alternative or whatever. Exciting new bands alongside established acts. Signed or unsigned – in the internet age, what does it matter? As long as the music is thrilling, vital and created to instigate a global or personal revolution. Although our main go-to bands are guitar based, if we like the sound of an artist we’ll write about them.

We have no limitations other than our own musical buzz.

Who are you?

Where are you based?
Edge of Arcady is based in Penarth, near Cardiff, South Wales, UK. For geographical reasons our gig reviews tend to be mostly from the Cardiff area, we make a special fuss when we write about music made in Wales and we intend to regularly focus on Welsh bands, but we write about music from anywhere and everywhere.

Will you write about my music?
If you want us to write about your music or music you’re connected to – singles, albums and, if you’re in the vacinity of Cardiff, gigs, please drop us an email at

Due to the volume of emails we get – believe it or not we get a fair bunch – and time constraints we can’t promise we’ll give you a write up but a fair amount of our content comes from your suggestions so it’s always worth getting in touch.

Why are you called Edge of Arcady?
Inspired by The Libertines ‘Arcadian dream’ philosophy and the classic poets’ laudatory verse to the ancient Greek golden realm of idyll and freedom, Edge of Arcady is the idea of being a witness, on the edge of pop culture’s Arcadian circus. As the satyrs, nymphs and fauns cavort and create, we watch, admire and occasionally lose ourselves in their rapture and reverie, dreaming of bringing Arcadia to the dull, grey automaton present. That, and we reckon it’s just an ace sounding name, right?

Anything else you want to tell us while we’re reading this?
We’re currently on the lookout for another Cardiff music fan with a knack for writing about artists they love to team up with and boost this site’s content and output. If you want in on this and you’re from the Cardiff area then please get in touch!

We also really welcome and encourage comments under reviews, on social media, or fire us over an email if you have any feedback and ideas for the site. We’re all ears. x

“Ah, leave the hills of Arcady,
Thy satyrs and their wanton play,
This modern world hath need of thee

No nymph or Faun indeed have we,
For Faun and nymph are old and grey,
Ah, leave the hills of Arcady!”

– Oscar Wilde, Pan

“In Arcadia life trips along,

Pure and simple as a shepherd’s song,

Seraphic pipes along the way,

In Arcady, in Arcady.”

– Peter Doherty, Arcady

“Sterile like a line of piss, motherfucker.
Review with avant-garde lips,
You’re just a motherfucker.”

– Manic Street Preachers, Condemned To Rock’n’Roll