The About Page

My name is Richard Day. Many moons ago I adopted the online username heyrichey.

Based in Penarth, near Cardiff, Wales, this site will be filled with bleatings about my favourite music, new bands I’ve stumbled across on Spotify or Instagram, and whatever else inspires me enough to want to tell the curious strays who fall into this dingy corner of the internet.

If you want me to write about your music or music you’re connected to please drop me an email at

Feel free to leave comments under reviews or fire me over an email if you have any feedback and ideas for the site. I’m all ears.

“Ah, leave the hills of Arcady,
Thy satyrs and their wanton play,
This modern world hath need of thee

No nymph or Faun indeed have we,
For Faun and nymph are old and grey,
Ah, leave the hills of Arcady!”

– Oscar Wilde, Pan – Double Villanelle