whenyoung – Unchained

Irish alt-pop duo whenyoung have already dished out two massive, expansive and perfectly formed pristine tunes this year with ‘A Little Piece Of Heaven’ and ‘The Laundress’ but before 2022 ends the Limerick twosome have decided to launch possibly the best of the bunch out into the world as well, just for good measure. ‘Unchained’ is as infectious and compelling as pop music gets.

Dreamily enchanting, Aoife Power’s lyrics describe militantly escaping a claustrophobic and disheartening arrangement with faith fully intact, the frontwoman allying with bandmate Andrew Flood to create an electronic effigy of grungy guitars, unabating beats and infective melody with a crepuscular edge and an even more all-embracing icy ambiance than anything they’ve released before.

Along with the new single, whenyoung have also announced the release of their 2nd album, Paragon Songs, due out on 7th April 2023. You can pre-order it now on ltd edition vinyl. The full tracklist is below:

1. Shame Train
2. Rubiks Cube
3. The Laundress
4. Home Movie
5. Ghost
6. A Little Piece Of Heaven
7. Even More
8. Shed My Skin
9. Unchained
10. Gan Ainm

The pair are also on tour throughout April 2023, with tickets still available. See the tour dates below:

12th April 2023 – McChuills, Glasgow
14th April 2023 – YES (Pink Room), Manchester
15th April 2023 – The Bodega, Nottingham
17th April 2023 – The Louisiana, Bristol
18th April 2023 – Omeara, London
20th April 2023 – Dolan’s, Limerick
21st April 2023 – Connolly’s Of Leap. Cork
22nd April 2023 – Roisin Dubh, Galway
23rd April 2023 – Whelan’s, Dublin
25th April 2023 – Spirit Store Dundalk, Louth

If you want to hear ‘Unchained’ now, you can take a listen on the Spotify link below:

The Others – Fourth Album Recording Sessions

We spend Friday evening, 18th November 2022, eagerly sat on the control room sofa in London’s Brixton Hill Studios, as Johnny Others, Jimmy Lager and Eddie Darko sit alongside us, listening anxiously to a keyboard-lead recording of new song ‘New Part Of Town’ as drummer Joseph Gardiner-Lowe recuperates from a major drumming session with a can of Hazy Jane and singer Dominic Masters combative new lyrics emit from the speakers “there’s no easy way out without a hand” and “there’s nothing stopping, it’s just the trying”, the singer himself laid flat out on his back on the floor, fighting to fend off a bout of severe recurring back pain.

Noughties indie heavyweights The Others are three days into recording sessions for their upcoming fourth full length record. When the band first booked the studio time they circulated an invite around their fan faithful, the 853 Kamikaze Stage Diving Division – still alive and kicking 20 years later, to stop by for a day to see how the new material is shaping up. With two or three followers crammed in each day, this evening is Edge of Arcady’s turn to get a small glimpse into seeing the album come together.

Nine years have swiftly passed since the NME cover stars and guerilla gig pioneers last toured and released new music in the form of 2013’s Songs for the Disillusioned. Throughout what may have looked like a hiatus from the outside, Johnny Others tells us the band have barely stopped writing and demoing new material, the group crafting a hefty arsenal of songs ready to go, fourteen for this album and another bundle stockpiled for a future project. The bare bones of one song ‘Who Cares?’ was given it’s first live outing on the band’s last tour, only now getting fleshed out in it’s finished form.

A self-produced effort, largely helmed by Eddie, Johnny and Jimmy, with engineer Nick Howintz manning the desk, the sample of tracks we hear this evening range from the spikily catchy ‘New Part Of Town’, a Stooges-esque gem named ‘Disdain’ – a song so heavy we hear one of the band cursing from the studio floor as they break a guitar string mid-flow and finally a polito-post-punk-dance fusion anthem, ‘Rights’ – fittingly described by guitarist Jimmy Lager as Happy Mondays meets Public Image Ltd.

While the latter song is being recorded we find ourselves stood in the corner of the main studio as the group blast through the six-minute-something epic live in front of our very eyes. Before holing himself up in the vocal booth, clutching his trusty notepad of lyrics, Masters talks to us at length about the song’s subject: written by guitarist Steve McReady and himself, a highly researched political prowess comes to the fore as he divulges his hopes for a left-wing Brexit, talking at length of how Margaret Thatcher excluded Britain in the 1980s from some of the most valuable perks of EU membership (hence the song lyrics “Thatcher sold us out of the EU workers rights”), conceding further in his lines that much of Brexit still needs to be thrashed out, “What’s right – are you on a settled status or a points system?” We then bear witness to an awe-inspiring, full-speed and powerful, sweaty drum take from Gardiner-Lowe.

Catching up with Dominic after recording is completed, the frontman confirmed a total of 14 songs were finished and recorded for the as-yet-untitled LP, due to be mixed and mastered over the coming months for a Bandcamp release by March 2023, enthusing that “the album sounds brilliant and this may be our best”. The finished song titles are: ‘Alibies’, ‘Billie’, ‘Decadent Clothes’, ‘Disdain’, ‘Get Out’, ‘I Don’t Think You Know Me’, ‘I Know That It Hurts’, ‘I Never Want To See You Again’, ‘New Part Of Town’, ‘Nowhere To Go’, ‘Paranoid Times’, ‘Rights’, ‘Rob Peter To Pay Paul’, ‘Who Cares?’. If the insight we’ve had so far is anything to go by, this release is going to be essential listening, potentially The Others most outspoken, gritty and accomplished work yet.

The Others recap: London/Brighton based band The Others rose to prominence in the early 00s with a fierce live reputation and notoriety. Having created the concept of Guerilla Gigging with gigs on the circle line tube, in the BBC foyer and on the Abbey Road zebra crossing, the band signed to Alan McGee’s Poptones label, releasing a string of top 40 singles, including live favourites ‘This Is For The Poor’ and ‘Stan Bowles’, followed by their 2005 debut self-titled album on Mercury Records.

After leaving Poptones, the group put out second album ‘Inward Parts’ on Lime Records – standout tracks ‘The Truth That Hurts’, ‘Thick As Thieves’, ‘Probate’ and continued to tour continuously. After a brief hiatus The Others added a couple of new members and regrouped to release 2013’s ‘Songs for the Disillusioned’ – standout tracks ‘Superbok’, ‘Tic Tok’, ‘Double Pernod’, ‘Where Is The Love?’, heading back out on tour before another long hiatus.

Now back together again and with an even more expanded line-up, the group consists of Dominic Masters – vocals, Johnny Others – bass/guitar, Jimmy Lager – guitar, Eddie Darko – guitar, Steve McReady – bass, Joseph Gardiner-Lowe – drums and Steff – keyboards.

Want to catch The Others live? The band have recently announced their only gig of 2023 at The Garage, Highbury Corner, London on Saturday 25th March 2023 – tickets are available NOW!

Find The Others video for their 2005 single ‘Lackey’ below:

FULL STUDIO PHOTO GALLERY: Photos courtesy of Edge of Arcady and Dominic Masters

Damian Luke and The Sweet Beast – Mad Love

Ramping up the rock’n’roll all the way to its vaudeville peak, Damien Luke and The Sweet Beast are exploding back onto your stereo with their second single, ‘Mad Love’, choosing to eschew sixty years of culture and taking their favourite musical medium right back to its very genesis, tapping straight into the 1950s masterclass of Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis, the original rock’n’roll kings.

Over the top of hip-shaking, foot-tapping, boundlessly satisfying fuzzy guitar, frenzied drums and a one-note speeding piano line, singer Damien Luke leads us in a rallying cry to leave aside pointless regrets and live for the present, just as all the real, primal rock’n’roll greats inspire, armed with flawlessly catchy rhythm and some zealously rapturous riffs. You’ll be twisting and jitterbugging all over your living room floor before the song’s finished.

‘Mad Love’ is out now on all the streaming platforms with a video coming very soon. We’ll get the vid up on this site as soon as it’s out. For the time being, you can hear the song on Spotify below:

Bethan Lloyd – Cutting Circuits

Bethan Lloyd describes her new single ‘Cutting Circuits’ as “a celebration of relinquishing control, both internally and externally. Changing the pathways of one’s life and opening up to genuine and powerful experiences of awe” and, as peculiar as it may seem to say, you can almost feel those very things happening as the track unfurls.

The Welsh musician and vocalist uses her voice on her latest record, the second release from her upcoming debut album, as a trance-like tool to hack the depths of the psyche, Bethan’s expressive incantations cast intriguingly over rave inspired electronica, deep vibrating beats, as if it’s her one-woman mission to transport her each and every listener away from the humdrum, to some liberated realm of distilled intention and warm, empowered transcendence, masquerading to the profane ear as innocent, experimental, pioneering and perfectly crafted pop music.

‘Cutting Circuits’ was released on 4th November 2022 and is available to hear on all streaming platforms. We’ve included the video for you to check out below:

Fate Of The Sun – Hey Mate, Hey Mate!

Picture the scene: you’ve met a pal for a swift pint after work or stopped in a bar with your other half during a weekend afternoon shopping trip and you’re accosted by a total loose canon you used to go to school with or some live wire friend of a friend you had a 5 minute chat with on some fuzzy-around-the-edges, lost night a few years back who still somehow remembers your face. Fate of The Sun has been in just that situation and on new single ‘Hey Mate, Hey Mate!’ he’s turned what could only be a total ball-ache of a setup into a colossal, hard-hitting tune.

Performed over gritty, industrial beats and atmospheric, haunting synths, the Welsh solo virtuoso portrays a character best avoided, on a self-destruct mission, from a few too many lagers at a pub to getting lippy with a barman and threatening to kick a bouncer’s head in. You can feel the vocalist cringe as he delivers the crank’s lines, becoming more unhinged with the passing of every sentence, the tale ending with a clatter of rabble, jeering and clanking glasses as our anti-hero seems to get his violent way.

‘Hey Mate, Hey Mate!’ is available to download on the streaming platforms right now. You can also check out Fate Of The Sun’s first ever live performance, recorded and posted to YouTube on 16th November 2022, featuring the new single and prior track ‘Rogues Gallery’ including updated lyrics covering English MP Matt Hancock’s ‘I’m A Celebrity…’ jungle antics. We’ve put links to the single and live session below:

Marseille – Freedom

The natural question to ask several minutes into Derby newcomers Marseille’s third single ‘Freedom’ is, “Nice one! So when in the early 90s was this absolute stormer of a Madchester track released?” And if you were to ask that question, you’d be a fool on two counts: Count number 1: ‘Freedom’ was released on Friday 4th November, this very year – 2022. Count number 2: Marseille aren’t from Manchester (or the south of France either) but from Derby.

The single bears all the trademarks of the early 90’s post-Stone Roses scene – screeching guitars to open, a rhythmic, turbo-charged drum beat, pristine, jangly riffs and some cocksure but restrained vocals, you can almost hear the hands clasped firmly behind frontman Will Brown’s back. Equally as impressive as a sheer majesticness of the tune is the fact that these lads have an average age of 17.

Liking the sound of Marseille? The group are lined up to play a few gigs over the coming weeks, so if you’re anywhere near the following you want to snap yourself up some tickets:

Friday 18th November 2022 – Sidney and Matilda – Sheffield 
Saturday 19th November 2022 – The Sunflower Lounge – Birmingham 
Saturday 26th November 2022 – 02 Academy – Leicester 
Sunday 4th December 2022 – The Empire – Rochdale 

‘Freedom’ is available to listen to on all the best streaming platforms right now. The single’s video was also released last Friday and you can watch it below:

The Gulps – Candy

With each single release The Gulps seem to up the disco ante and we love it. During their recent string of festivals, support slots and headlining dates the Euro lads seamlessly adopted Blondie’s ‘Atomic’ into their set of indie-punk anthems and on latest single ‘Candy’ the group are still riding the very crest of that glimmery dance-flecked wave.

In fact, if those aforementioned NY new wave legends were captained by a Spanish guy named Javier instead of Debbie Harry we wouldn’t be too far off how The Gulps sound here, ramping up the disco-chic with a song dedicated to Andy Warhol’s transgender muse Candy Darling, drenching the record with the requisite glamorous sheen a song about the 1960’s icon demands, replete with a suggestively glorious outro that promises to: “shoot some sugar into you”.

‘Candy’ was released on 11th November. There is a shiny and spangly video for the single all waiting to be released on 18th November, so we’ll update the site with the video then. For the time being you can tap the Spotify link below to have a listen:

Edit: Now updated with the shiny, sparkly new video you can view below:

Columbia – Disorder

Causing a stir in the rock’n’roll guitar band underground, Cardiff’s Columbia have only one apparent mission and that’s to put out massive, expansive sounding, towering, alternative rock tunes. Penned by lead guitarist Ben Rowlands – ‘Disorder’, their first new music since debut album release ‘Embrace The Chaos’, has them with all guns blazing, taking major tips from Kasabian, Happy Mondays and Oasis to put together an absolute monster of a record.

We cannot overstate just how ginormous the guitar riffs are here and how much of an addictive melody they’ve spliced together, a tremendous backing for frontman Craig Lewis’s indefatigable roar conveying a loose meditation on the messiness of modern life, mainly just acting as a great sounding lyric letting the music speak above any heavy meaning. In Columbia’s world, the shameless spirit of good, loud, rock’n’roll remains forever king.

After a hectic year of gigging, Columbia are preparing to play their largest festival performance to date at Shiiine On Weekender in Butlins, Minehead on Saturday 12th November 2022 with ‘Disorder’ released on 4th November 2022, readying the tune-thirsty crowd for this mega-number when it hits them. You can hear ‘Disorder’ on all streaming sits now. Have a listen on Spotify below:

Harri Larkin – Bonfire Toffee video

Photo Credit: Zowie Alexander

Back in August Sheffield trio Harri Larkin released the brilliant indie-funk fusion single ‘Bonfire Toffee’ and this weekend the group have endowed the track with a dreamy video, the directorial debut of Drastic//Automatic’s Benji Wilson.

Cornish singer/guitarist Harri Tape describes: “The track is all about the excitement of new love. I was inspired by my girlfriend and how we got together. I always dedicate it to her at shows.” so it only seems right Harri’s girlfriend should appear alongside her in the vid, together with Sheffielder bassist Oscar South and Glaswegian drummer Danton Laromani.

Footage comprises the four rambling contentedly and walking their dog through Yorkshire countryside, taking in the astonishing, rolling scenery, the group putting the song together in their rehearsal studio and then some late night relaxation around a campfire, with a charming shot at the point the song reaches its apex – drone footage takes us over above the scene, where we find out what felt like a huddle of mates chilling by a bonfire on a campsite near a far-flung beach is really taking place outside of their city centre rehearsal rooms; a sweet, exuberant, warm-hearted oasis in the centre of urban sprawl.

‘Bonfire Toffee’, produced by Federico Telesca, was released on 26th August 2022 and is available to listen to wherever you usually go to stream music. We reviewed the single at the time. The music video we’ve just been raving about is available to watch below:

Death Of The High Street – Chancer

Some wise man or other once said to “write about what you know” and Death Of The High Street were taking note, their output to this point being a catalogue of post-punk musings from the mind of frontman Scott Baxter, a stockpile of philosophies and observations from their Derby locale, or maybe their local in Derby? ‘Chancer’ is the latest instalment, their first since being freshly signed to new label Bubblebrain Records, and as we’ve come to expect from these lads, they’re as razor sharp and impassioned as ever.

Guitars bound between art-rock angular and a downright filthy punk riff, providing a gritty backdrop for the tale as Baxter embarks on a discourse about a grubby little individual, described by the band as “a Frank Gallagher meets Del Boy character who’ll sell you a TV just as soon as he’s lifted it from your living room”, the first half of the song build up his image of a power-wielding wide-boy blagging his way through his existence, disregarding anyone who ends up as collateral damage, but in a reflective second half we’re given a sombre, empathetic peek behind a damp-stained curtain that paints the same individual as a lonely, companionless shadow flicking nostalgically through old pictures on his phone, shooting up drugs with a TV playing silently in the background.

The jury’s still out on whether the ‘Chancer’ is entirely the creation of D.O.T.H’s imagination, a real-life someone who may have crossed them or a combo of the two, but the venom he’s stirred up certainly feels real.

‘Chancer’ is released TODAY, Saturday 5th November, on Bubblebrain Records, available to stream wherever you normally get your music.

The song’s video sees the group bring our anti-hero to life, flogging frying pans out of a wheelie bin, unsuccessfully trying to hustle a wised-up regular in a pub at Connect 4 and ending up passed out and pissed up in his bedsit. You can watch it below: