The Libertines – Night of the Hunter

The countdown to the release of album number four, ‘All Quiet On The Eastern Esplanade’ is hotting up for The Libertines and to close off the start of their 2023 comeback year the garage rock four piece’s latest record shows off their tender proclivities. Largely regarded as an erudite punk group, it’s the band’s moreContinue reading “The Libertines – Night of the Hunter”

The Slackhead Incident – Turtleneck

We weren’t prepared for a snazzy cabaret jazz piano and saxophone foray to meet our off-guard ears when we got stuck into The Slackhead Incident’s latest track, but that’s exactly what we were greeted with, amongst some britpop Pixies-type tuneage and fantastically nimble bass guitar gymnastics. Three singles in and the Glasgow post-punkers have evidencedContinue reading “The Slackhead Incident – Turtleneck”

Jackson Lucitt – Save Our Steel

There are few better ways to make a worthy cause heard than to put a powerful message to music. Port Talbot indie-folk singer/songwriter/all-round person who makes things happen (see Shiny Vinyl) Jackson Lucitt has joined a long tradition that runs from the most poignant of protest songs to political punk rock in order to bringContinue reading “Jackson Lucitt – Save Our Steel”

Gaffa Tape Sandy – Split

Down in Brighton, Gaffa Tape Sandy are keeping the garage-punk-rock flame burning brightly and on latest single ‘Split’ they’ve distilled the whole primal, sweaty, exhilarating experience of their live gigs into a succinct two minute ferocious cracker of a track that’s all incendiary, scratchy guitars and fierce melody. Guitarist Kim Jarvis and bassist Catherine Lindley-NeilsonContinue reading “Gaffa Tape Sandy – Split”

The Rhythm Method – Have A Go Heroes

London’s The Rhythm Method were on a sort of Streets-like wave back in 2019, the release of their debut LP ‘How Would You Know I Was Lonely?’ superbly finessing their take on spoken word road-level observations over omnifarious multi-tempo beats, after the almost accidental grass-roots success of first single ‘Local, Girl’. Afterwards, save for aContinue reading “The Rhythm Method – Have A Go Heroes”

Everything Everything – The Mad Stone

Manchester future-art-rockers Everything Everything’s latest single ‘The Mad Stone’ is one of the central parts of their forthcoming 7th album ‘Mountainhead’, a record that, we’re told, is a parable for modern times, mellifluously dissecting a society with the sole mission of building a greater purpose sacred mountain, leaving a resource depleted hole left behind forContinue reading “Everything Everything – The Mad Stone”

Rainyday Rainbow – Baby In The Basement

Wait! What’s that sound coming from the depths of the basement? No, it’s not a baby. It’s too much of a multicoloured cacophony of a melody to be a baby’s ululation. I think it’s actually Swansea psych-punks Rainyday Rainbow performing their latest mind-warping wonder of a single ‘Baby In The Basement’. Lead by Egg Spectrum,Continue reading “Rainyday Rainbow – Baby In The Basement”

DAYZIES – Eskimo

If Bloc Party had a go at playing a slightly speeded up version of The Undertones 70’s classic ‘Teenage Kicks’, we reckon the resultant sound would be something akin to Newcastle indie rockers DAYZIES’ new single ‘Eskimo’, a healthy collision of hazardously angular guitars and high-spirited punk melody. The North-East four-piece’s third single release, namedContinue reading “DAYZIES – Eskimo”

Gruff Rhys – Silver Lining (Lead Balloons)

Inarguably one of modern Welsh music’s foremost icons, Gruff Rhys has a less-than-earnest warning for his long-serving listeners on latest single ‘Silver Lining (Lead Balloons)’, the second track to be taken from his forthcoming 25th LP. And what warning is that, we hear you ask, above the symphonic piano and scrumptious strings? Well, we’re notContinue reading “Gruff Rhys – Silver Lining (Lead Balloons)”

iest – Lizard Skin Chic

Enigmatic singing songwriting newcomer iest has a magnificently cool blooded, blissed out space waltz in the bag for his third single, ‘Lizard Skin Chic’, putting his brittle, ambrosial vocals and washed out, lilting guitars up against obscured lyrics and a general dreamy feeling, all produced by South Welsh independent music maestro, Minas, and visually adornedContinue reading “iest – Lizard Skin Chic”