Eaves Wilder – I Stole Your Jumper

Eaves Wilder has been wronged and she’s taking ruthless, bloody minded revenge. Ok, so she’s starting small, taunting her ex that she’s pinched their jumper (we’re sure it’s a jumper they really, really loved) but as Eaves’ pissed off-ness unravels we get the point she’s been fucked over and the piss-taker in question is inContinue reading “Eaves Wilder – I Stole Your Jumper”

Panic Shack – Meal Deal

Cardiff riot-grrrl inspired five-piece Panic Shack are big fans of Boots/Superdrug/town centre lunchtime convenience food, confessing that latest single ‘Meal Deal’ was originally a straightforward punky tribute to the ham sandwich, salt & vinegar crisp and bottle of lemonade combo, but recent political events saw the group rewrite the record to recognise it’s brilliant simplicityContinue reading “Panic Shack – Meal Deal”

Maze – Step Too Soon

‘Step Too Soon’ sees South London 6 piece Maze team up with Dean Mumford of The Rifles to create an enraptured, brit-rock gem of a track. With a slight nod to Stone Roses, the song takes the Madchester rhythm and blisses it out some way further than many groups are prepared to go, Mumford addingContinue reading “Maze – Step Too Soon”

Feverjaw – Jurassic

Cardiff trio Feverjaw have tonnes of melody and tonnes of ire – a glorious recipe for some intoxicating sound. Having spent the summer performing live to promote April release, the ‘Casual Abrasive’ EP, latest single ‘Jurassic’ is not just a surprise single release as the band themselves touted, but a now essential part of theContinue reading “Feverjaw – Jurassic”

Trampolene – Thinking Again

Swansea wonders Trampolene have made it back for a fourth album, and to launch it Jack Jones and his saturnalian squad have put out into the world the brand new single ‘Thinking Again’, an oblique bluesy salutation to the everyday arduous quandary of making a decision, then remaking that decision, then remaking that decision, andContinue reading “Trampolene – Thinking Again”

Cobain Jones – Realistic Dreams

Cobain Jones single was originally written and recorded in 1986, a close contender for NME’s original C86 cassette but eventually rejected for showing the rest of the tracks up. Ok, we’re lying here, but if you’re trying to find a reference point for the 20 year old Manchester singer-songwriter’s latest, ‘Realistic Dreams’, you would beContinue reading “Cobain Jones – Realistic Dreams”

Circa Waves – Do You Wanna Talk?

If you had to whittle down one particular, outstanding, defining skill that Circa Waves have when it comes to making records that sets them apart from the rest of the indie pack, it would have to be their ability to craft a new angularly euphonious guitar hook for every one of their alt-dancefloor bangers. LatestContinue reading “Circa Waves – Do You Wanna Talk?”

Tom Emlyn – I’ve Seen You In Town

Some records are intrinsically linked to a corner of the world, a country, a city – if you’ve ever sat on a bus lurching across Manchester with The Smiths playing through your headphones or sped through London on the tube listening to Blur you’ll know what I mean. Well, Tom Emlyn’s second album drips withContinue reading “Tom Emlyn – I’ve Seen You In Town”

Megan Wyn – Jealousy

For the past couple of years North Walian Megan Wyn has spent her time securing a hefty live following, playing venues the length and breadth of the UK, supporting some absolute legends and packing out her own rambunctious shows. Her third single release ‘Jealousy’ sees Megan committing her distinctly soulfully powerful voice perfectly to record,Continue reading “Megan Wyn – Jealousy”

Grace Calver – Addicted

On her new single, ‘Addicted’, Suffolk/Essex alternative-pop songstress Grace Calver is extra clear about one particular point – this is not a love song! The track sees Grace take a slight departure from the dream-pop of her last two singles and lean further into her alt-rock influences in order to convey the suckiness of likingContinue reading “Grace Calver – Addicted”