Silent Forum – Here’s The Email

In small, atomised, spare bedrooms all across the land, lone office workers log in to check their emails, dripping milk from a bowl of Cheerios all over their duvet, soaking papers on their desk with Tassimo Costa macchiattos as they bustle to show active on Teams by 9am. With post-punk shades of Idles, Sports TeamContinue reading “Silent Forum – Here’s The Email”

Picture Parlour – Judgement Day

Sweeping theatrics are the order of the day on Picture Parlour’s second single ‘Judgement Day’. Liverpudlian frontwoman Katherine Parlour weaves together words with all the witty ingenuity of Alex Turner and the four piece’s dramatic instrumentation has more than a little in common with latter day Arctic Monkeys wide screen vision, or better still FatherContinue reading “Picture Parlour – Judgement Day”

Shallowhalo – Decision of a Flower

NY duo Shallowhalo’s latest track is a succinct crystal glass electro gem. Energized with all the dancefloor dominating prowess of CSS, Ladytron and the electroclash masters, on ‘Decision of a Flower’ producers Allyson Camitta and Ezra Tenenbaum create two tasty minutes of synth-loaded, sludgy beat smothered, worked up excellence. Transposing the act of plucking petalsContinue reading “Shallowhalo – Decision of a Flower”

The Libertines – Run, Run, Run

Our absolute favourite troubadour poet debauchees have made a grand return with their catchiest, most immediate single to date. Lead by co-frontman Carl Barat and peppered with background yells from other co-frontman Peter Doherty, ‘Run Run Run’ sees The Libertines achieve what they’ve only managed twice before in their two decade history – a straightforwardContinue reading “The Libertines – Run, Run, Run”

PARCS – Wait!

Airy synths and carefree beats galore are abundantly on offer from Newport sad-popsters PARCS and their latest single ‘Wait!’. The husband and wife fronted four piece have gotten crafting danceable rhythms and snappy melodies down to a fine art, their latest track boasting all the glitz of Chvrches or Bis when they went full onContinue reading “PARCS – Wait!”

Andrew Cushin – Waiting For The Rain

Andrew Cushin’s ascendency has been hard won. Since releasing his first music at the start of 2020 and receiving kudos from the elder Gallagher brother early doors, the Newcastle singer-songwriter went on to get a further leg-up from Peter Doherty, signing to his Strap Originals label. Although that may all sound star-studded and plain sailing,Continue reading “Andrew Cushin – Waiting For The Rain”

Sufjan Stevens – Will Anybody Ever Love Me?

You don’t simply listen to Sufjan Stevens. When he’s at the top of his game, hearing a Sufjan Stevens release is a spiritual, nay evangelical experience. And ‘Will Anybody Ever Love Me?’ is the Detroit alt-folk artist at the very top of his game, with all of the finger picked lute and soft, sensitive vocalContinue reading “Sufjan Stevens – Will Anybody Ever Love Me?”

86TVs – Worn Out Buildings

If we somehow physically could in writing, we would start this review off with a massive welcome back round of applause, with heaps of whoops and cheering, to Hugo and Felix White, ex-members of the dearly missed Maccabees, thank them profusely for coming back with new group 86TVs, and for coming back with an utterlyContinue reading “86TVs – Worn Out Buildings”

Alias Kid – Gonna Be A Star

Ballsy Manchester rockers Alias Kid are on a majestic roll. After the storming comeback single ‘She Don’t Yeah Yeah Yeah’ saw the self-assured foursome return in a maelstrom of screeching, life-affirming guitar, latest single ‘Gonna Be A Star’ has them proving they have the dexterity and sheer skill to put together a bonafide anthem too.Continue reading “Alias Kid – Gonna Be A Star”

Minas – Chatty Patty

Gritty industrial realism looms large on Greek-Welsh punk hip-hop artist Minas’ latest single ‘Chatty Patty’. The exasperated rapper spits a raging discontent over the state of unfussed acceptance the general populace gives to gentrification when they could be rioting, “But I still don’t have much to say, order a flat white, discuss the weather, somethingContinue reading “Minas – Chatty Patty”