Florence + The Machine – Mermaids

To top off latest astounding album ‘Dance Fever’, Florence + The Machine have kept an absolute ace up their incredibly billowing sleeves with ‘Mermaids’. What starts as a measured, ponderous chant, peppered with drum strikes that sound like an enormous door being earnestly rapped becomes a whole different beast once the portal is flung openContinue reading “Florence + The Machine – Mermaids”

The Gulps – Surrender

Ferocious drumming? Check. Distorted guitars? Check. Breakneck speed and brazen euphoria? Double check. The Gulps have slammed us with another slab of melodious gold on latest single ‘Surrender’, further exploring the surly but vicious indie punk spirit of previous single ‘Mirror Mirror’, letting their disco-led tendencies bubble away in the background for a while. Don’tContinue reading “The Gulps – Surrender”

Evan Williams – The Arsonist

Ladies and gents, we have a new hard-hitting, guitar-wielding minstrel on our hands in the shape of Thanet’s Evan Williams. Only three singles into his career, the singer-songwriter has already shown us a couple wildly differing styles, with latest single ‘The Arsonist’ being his most obvious big tune yet, an incendiary indie rock cyclone inContinue reading “Evan Williams – The Arsonist”

Telgate – Gammon

Like a prowling, mighty, queer-rock beast of prey, Cardiff’s Telgate are out stalking their domain which is this whole entire brexit broken British island of ours, summoning the brutal, raw power of glam rock and heavy riffage rage to bring about some healing. Quivering little ‘Gammon’ snowflakes beware – these LGBT rock stars are hungryContinue reading “Telgate – Gammon”

Jen Dixon – Over You

You know those absolutely massive choruses that make the hair on your neck stand on end, like when Coldplay get all rousing and you break out in goosebumps whether you like them or not? Well Jen Dixon’s new single, ‘Over You’, has a monumental chorus like that. But unlike Coldplay, we’re quite certain we likeContinue reading “Jen Dixon – Over You”

Grace Calver – my life and its disasters EP

When a record is called ‘my life and its disasters’, you should have a fair hunch its content isn’t going to be all blissful and shiny tales of love’s young dream. Give Grace Calver’s debut EP a listen and you’ll find your hunch proven true, with the East Anglian singer-songwriter’s first collection candidly confessing theContinue reading “Grace Calver – my life and its disasters EP”

Vona Vella – Thought We Were Falling In Love

There is an occasional strata of bands out there with a startling ability to make fiercely upbeat, lively tunes, but when you dig just a scratch beneath the surface the subject matter is actually pretty rough. Vona Vella are one such band, on the days when they’re not making sun-drenched, out and out surf-chill classics.Continue reading “Vona Vella – Thought We Were Falling In Love”

Tom Emlyn – Like A Cigarette

An elegant, pensive song written while busking outside a Frankfurt cafe, Swansea singer/poet/songwriter Tom Emlyn’s latest sparkler of a single is ‘Like A Cigarette’, an unimposing, mostly acoustic critique of the disposability of human interactions, like burned out smokes flicked to the floor. Quite a recurrent sight in the German city, no doubt. Accompanying theContinue reading “Tom Emlyn – Like A Cigarette”

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard – Chew

Gone is the long hair, 70s folk rock vibes and rainbow jumpers. With new single ‘Chew’, the leaders of the Cardiff musical landscape, Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard, have experienced a dark rebirth, shorn their locks, purged the depths of hell itself and summonsed the blood-lust essence of metal. What better way to launch this new goldenContinue reading “Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard – Chew”

Man/Woman/Chainsaw – Back/Burden

The best, elite, crème de la crème of alternative music is short. It comes up along, packs an almighty punch right in the middle of your psyche, and scoots off again into the night, leaving the innocent listener bewildered in a daze of masochistic, painful joy. Want an example? Stick Man/Woman/Chainsaw‘s new one – ‘Back/Burden’Continue reading “Man/Woman/Chainsaw – Back/Burden”