The Libertines – Run, Run, Run

Our absolute favourite troubadour poet debauchees have made a grand return with their catchiest, most immediate single to date. Lead by co-frontman Carl Barat and peppered with background yells from other co-frontman Peter Doherty, ‘Run Run Run’ sees The Libertines achieve what they’ve only managed twice before in their two decade history – a straightforwardContinue reading “The Libertines – Run, Run, Run”

Time For Heroes Podcast feat. Edge of Arcady

The boss of Time For Heroes podcast, Martin Morel, welcomed me on to his illustrious platform for a far-reaching conversation, taking the opportunity to discuss becoming a teenage music fan in the 90s against the backdrop of Melody Maker fuelled post-britpop glam-indie, touching on Manic Street Preachers and Libertines fandom, diving into the London alt-musicContinue reading “Time For Heroes Podcast feat. Edge of Arcady”

The Albion Rooms, Margate

Just over two years have passed since London indie legends The Libertines ventured into the hospitality trade with the opening of The Albion Rooms on Margate seafront. For a garage punk band to become hoteliers is not the most obvious creative foray, but in this instance, for The Libertines with their record artwork full ofContinue reading “The Albion Rooms, Margate”

The Libertines – Up The Bracket 20th Anniversary Edition

2022 saw the 20th anniversary of one of British alternative music’s landmark releases, the one and only ‘Up The Bracket’ by The Libertines. A record that grabbed the baton tossed on by The Jam, The Smiths and Oasis. What made it a landmark release? Try and picture the scene: The drabness of the early 21stContinue reading “The Libertines – Up The Bracket 20th Anniversary Edition”

The Libertines – What A Waster

In 2002 the British music scene was in dire need of resuscitation. Britpop was dead, a bunch of Radiohead soundalikes were picking at it’s bones and Melody Maker were trying to make icons of JJ72 and King Adora with little to no public interest. Over in the States The Strokes, The White Stripes and InterpolContinue reading “The Libertines – What A Waster”

Dead Freights – Hey Hatred

Lurching from out of the shadows into yet more darkness, Dead Freights come fresh from supporting The Libertines on tour, headlong into the launch of their first official single on Gary Powell’s 25 Hour Convenience Store label – ‘Hey Hatred’. Seething with blood-curdling tension, the record’s gothic, bass-heavy rumble and dark lyrical imagery tap intoContinue reading “Dead Freights – Hey Hatred”

The Libertines – Giddy Up A Ding-Dong Tour – Cardiff Uni 19/02/22

You join us on Day 2 of Storm Eunice in Cardiff. Day 1 was characterised by 88 miles per hour winds, Day 2 sees the equally blustery rock’n’roll force of The Libertines ‘Giddy Up A Ding Dong tour’ blow into the city. Cheesy figures of speech aside, there is an air of relief around tonight’sContinue reading “The Libertines – Giddy Up A Ding-Dong Tour – Cardiff Uni 19/02/22”

Peter Doherty & Frédéric Lo – You Can’t Keep It From Me Forever

With shades of early-Beatles whimsy or Morrissey in his late 1980’s first twee solo exploration throes, ‘You Can’t Keep It From Me Forever’ feels a breezy, light-hearted, innocent affair, capturing the most seemingly straight forward lyrical effort of Peter Doherty’s career to date, backed with a gloriously gleeful 60’s guitar pop strum from Frédéric Lo.Continue reading “Peter Doherty & Frédéric Lo – You Can’t Keep It From Me Forever”

Peter Doherty & Frédéric Lo – The Fantasy Life Of Poetry & Crime

Peter Doherty’s new single sees him get together with French musical director, composer, producer and singer-songwriter Frédéric Lo and the product is something relaxed, softer and more controlled than The Libertines and Puta Madres frontman’s standard output. Featuring trumpets, strings and Lo on guitar duties, the song evokes the feeling of an old nostalgic filmContinue reading “Peter Doherty & Frédéric Lo – The Fantasy Life Of Poetry & Crime”

Peter Doherty & Jack Jones of Trampolene- Sin City, Swansea – 18/09/2021

Tonight’s gig is a homecoming gig for Swansea’s own Jack Jones. Looking happy to be on his own turf, adorned in trademark green Fila tracksuit jacket, later joined by a Swansea football shirt torpedoed onto the stage by an enthusiastic audience member, the Trampolene frontman treats us to a choice group of songs and verseContinue reading “Peter Doherty & Jack Jones of Trampolene- Sin City, Swansea – 18/09/2021”