Time For Heroes Podcast feat. Edge of Arcady

The boss of Time For Heroes podcast, Martin Morel, welcomed me on to his illustrious platform for a far-reaching conversation, taking the opportunity to discuss becoming a teenage music fan in the 90s against the backdrop of Melody Maker fuelled post-britpop glam-indie, touching on Manic Street Preachers and Libertines fandom, diving into the London alt-music scene of the early 00s and a bit of chat about this here blog.

The fans at The Libertines Bethnal Green Albion Rooms gig, 2003 – squint and you’ll see this here writer’s bonce popping up at the very back

I also grasped the chance to answer the TFH standard question: Which four heroes would you invite to a dinner party and what would you cook them? Slight spoiler – I wouldn’t force Morrissey and riot grrl Kathleen Hanna to eat chicken and duck fat potatoes, they’d obviously have a nut roast and their spuds would be prepared in strictly fowl-free cooking oil. Another slight spoiler – the below pic.

Limmy & I – Glee Club, Cardiff, 2019

Time For Heroes has a cracking back catalogue of guests. If you’re eager to get a bit more early 2000s or contemporary indie music chat in your ears then check out Morel’s past episodes with: Jack Jones of Trampolene, Andrew Cushin, Dominic Masters of The Others, Lloyd Dobbs of The Paddingtons, ex-Babyshambles drummer Gemma Clarke, Alfie Jackson of The Holloways, Pete Jones/Welsh of Kill City, producer of The Strokes ‘Is This It’ Gordon Raphael, Cobain Jones and legendary music journos Mark Beaumont, Anthony Thornton and James ‘Jam’ McMahon.

Golf Sale Riots, Johnny Borrel, heyrichey – potentially 2004

Listen to the podcast on the Spotify link below or find it wherever you normally get your Podcast fix:

We referred to numerous bands throughout. Keen to have a listen? Find a handy, clickable list of painfully low quality Youtube videos and superb quality Spotify album links right here:

The Darkness – Get Your Hands Off My Woman (Motherfucker)
Easyworld – You & Me
JJ72 – October Swimmer
King Adora – Bionic
Queens of Noize – Indie Boys Don’t Deserve It
Kill City – Live at Notting Hill Arts Club (likely Death Disco) 2004
Razorlight – The at The Borderline, London, 2003
Thee Unstrung – Psycho
The Paddingtons – Panic Attack
Chineapples – East Of My Heart
Mardous – Revolution Over The Phone
Larrikin Love – Happy As Annie

The Others – Look At You All Now
Special Needs – Funfairs & Heartbreak

If you’re lucky, there may be more joint Edge of Arcady blog and Time For Heroes podcast content in the near future as Martin exercises his review writing smarts and heyrichey has a go at striking out into the Podcast host universe. Keep your eyes peeled for more.

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