The Libertines – Night of the Hunter

The countdown to the release of album number four, ‘All Quiet On The Eastern Esplanade’ is hotting up for The Libertines and to close off the start of their 2023 comeback year the garage rock four piece’s latest record shows off their tender proclivities. Largely regarded as an erudite punk group, it’s the band’s moreContinue reading “The Libertines – Night of the Hunter”

The Libertines – Run, Run, Run

Our absolute favourite troubadour poet debauchees have made a grand return with their catchiest, most immediate single to date. Lead by co-frontman Carl Barat and peppered with background yells from other co-frontman Peter Doherty, ‘Run Run Run’ sees The Libertines achieve what they’ve only managed twice before in their two decade history – a straightforwardContinue reading “The Libertines – Run, Run, Run”