Dead Freights – Hey Hatred

Lurching from out of the shadows into yet more darkness, Dead Freights come fresh from supporting The Libertines on tour, headlong into the launch of their first official single on Gary Powell’s 25 Hour Convenience Store label – ‘Hey Hatred’.

Seething with blood-curdling tension, the record’s gothic, bass-heavy rumble and dark lyrical imagery tap into a dangerously moody, sexual vein with a collection of twisted stream of consciousness lines like the slinky allusions: “I was mocked, fleeced, drugged like a beast, I have jealousy tainting my memories and pricking my needles” and “I smile like Hitler in hell, like Jesus in jail” that go on to make way for a savage, animalistic breakdown before the careening guitars cut short for a curt and unapologetic ending.

Dead Freights have proven themselves to be a nefariously mesmerising live act and Hey Hatred is the full realisation of their brooding performance on record. As if to reiterate the group’s live dexterity, the b-side is the previously mailing list-only studio performance of ‘Bat Man’, reviewed by us previously

Both tracks are available to stream everywhere now.

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