Bandicoot – Early in the Morning / Mynedfeydd

‘Early in the Morning’ wakes up slowly. As gentle keyboards softly ease us in, vocalist Rhys Underdown coos our eyes open as he describes his lover rousing to consciousness after slumber. Delicate chiming guitar builds stronger and more echoey, taking the song up to a cathartic crescendo as the singer’s croon grows more emphatic, eventually totally ecstatic as he declares to the now completely conscious sweetheart “I saw you in a dream” and the song kicks into a full rhapsody. Then, boom, it’s over. The keyboards are gentle again, and we’re drifting back to sleep.

If you want a more succinct summarisation, think The Velvet Underground’s ‘Sunday Morning’, but energised and celebratory instead of stoned.

And no-one’s staying asleep for long, because b-side ‘Mynedfeydd’ is a sub-two minute, fully charged welsh language adrenalized wavy rocker that you’re gonna need to be well strapped in for.

There’s a lush little video for ‘Early in the Morning’ filmed in Roath Park in Cardiff and you can watch it below. Bandicoot’s long awaited album ‘Black After Dark’ is coming out on 4th March and we can’t wait to hear it. You can pre-order it on vinyl by tapping here.

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