The Alphabetamines – Drink Too Much

The ‘Drink Too Much’ picture starts serenely with a short section of lulling strings, but very quickly mayhem ensues. Drums and gritty guitar tumble in as Natasha Sparkes realises all is not well in the Alphabetamines camp and she’s pushed to the point of screaming ferociously at frontman Adam Edwards about his out of control imbibation.

The Alphabetamines second single is a snapshot of Adam’s journey to sobriety and looks back over the devastating effect alcoholism can have on a young fledging rocker’s potential. The singer’s gravelly growl veers between regaling dizzying highs and bitter self loathing as his fiancée begs on the side lines for him to snap out of it. Thankfully we know the story ends well but The Alphabetamines expert rockabilly punk craftsmanship puts you back in the midst of Edwards’ most haywire years all the same.

‘Drink Too Much’ was released on January 21st 2022. The video sees the group grappling with sanity in the middle of a grand, dilapidated mansion house and you can watch it by tapping below:

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