Stone – Stupid

Their social media bios state they’re “Post Apocalyptic Scally Rock” and I admit to only just stumbling across them seconds before writing this review here, but if first impressions count for anything this sounds like a bob on description of Stone’s latest track ‘Stupid’.

This is The La’s playing Happy Mondays, with a chorus like Oasis but heavier and weirder, administering a solid, hard punch to the jaw of those who would underestimate the Liverpool lads through the ballsy, straight-up chant “You think I’m stupid, I’m not so stupid”, their taunts drifting and bobbing around in layer upon layer of droning, heart-pausing guitar.

Stupid’ is the fifth single from Stone and was released on 9th February 2022. It’s available on all the streaming outlets and we’ve included the song’s video below as a little treat for your ears:

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