Papa Jupe’s T.C. – Other Men

Minimalism, mystery and rabid stylophone abound on Papa Jupe’s T.C.’s newest one ‘Other Men’, the first offering unleashed on the world from their forthcoming debut EP ‘Wetmarket’. Sparsely draped over a mesmerizing bassline, the Cardiffian quintent (we think there are five of them, they keep their faces in the shadows for the blessed glory ofContinue reading “Papa Jupe’s T.C. – Other Men”

Small Miracles – Mercury

At it’s most powerful and wonderfully vicious, music can act as a mirror to beauty, but also to sheer ugliness in a desperate effort to effect change. Cardiff glam-punks Small Miracles take the second tack on latest single ‘Mercury’, confronting the toxic masculinity of violent fathers, frightened youths and the patheticness of getting a kickContinue reading “Small Miracles – Mercury”

The Last Dinner Party – Nothing Matters

Thought the days of bands getting hype and magazine covers before releasing any music was over? That bands like Suede, The Libertines and Arctic Monkeys were an extinct breed, disappearing with the weekly music press? Meet The Last Dinner Party, fresh off of support slots with Nick Cave and The Rolling Stones with precisely zeroContinue reading “The Last Dinner Party – Nothing Matters”

Failstate – Another Ghost

Dipping our little toe into the emo-punk universe feels like an alien endeavour, but when we got our earholes around Failstate’s latest song ‘Another Ghost’ we had no choice but to give it a feature. The initial release from the Newport foursome’s debut EP ‘Sad Truth’ is a perfectly abrasive, visceral rocker. Anthemic, speedy guitars,Continue reading “Failstate – Another Ghost”


The year is 2023. Having escaped largely unscathed from a worldwide pandemic, western civilisation finds itself again in peril, this time under threat of Satan 2 intercontinental ballistic missile attack from Russia and covert cyber warfare via lustrous social media apps funded by the Chinese government. On ‘BLADE RUNNER BOOGIE’, Fate of the Sun watchesContinue reading “Fate Of The Sun – BLADE RUNNER BOOGIE”

Claud – Every Fucking Time

Chicago singer-songwriter Claud’s first single from their forthcoming second album is a brittle, heartbreaking affair. ‘Every Fucking Time’ sees all of the bedroom-pop playfulness of debut ‘Super Monsters’ stripped away, leaving a slightly more electrified version of their Saddest Factory Records label boss Phoebe Bridger’s ‘Boygenius’ bandmate Julien Baker’s poignant sound. Tender acoustic guitar, Claud’sContinue reading “Claud – Every Fucking Time”

Vona Vella – Divine

In some ways a radiant sister-song to the record that originally brought Vona Vella to the wider public’s attention – ‘Sun’, the duo have named their new single ‘Divine’ and we’d gladly call it the same. The second single to be taken from their forthcoming self-titled debut LP sees the pair, described in some quartersContinue reading “Vona Vella – Divine”

Mantis – Magnolia

Cowboy-psychedelia. This is apparently a real genre, and we reckon new Cardiff four-piece Mantis need to lay claim to it, as their astoundingly brilliant debut single ‘Magnolia’ perfectly fuses the unlikely sounds of Western and psych-rock, rendering any other way of explaining it inadequate. We reckon there’s a hint of blues-garage in there too. AContinue reading “Mantis – Magnolia”

The Gulps – Surrender

Ferocious drumming? Check. Distorted guitars? Check. Breakneck speed and brazen euphoria? Double check. The Gulps have slammed us with another slab of melodious gold on latest single ‘Surrender’, further exploring the surly but vicious indie punk spirit of previous single ‘Mirror Mirror’, letting their disco-led tendencies bubble away in the background for a while. Don’tContinue reading “The Gulps – Surrender”

Telgate – Gammon

Like a prowling, mighty, queer-rock beast of prey, Cardiff’s Telgate are out stalking their domain which is this whole entire brexit broken British island of ours, summoning the brutal, raw power of glam rock and heavy riffage rage to bring about some healing. Quivering little ‘Gammon’ snowflakes beware – these LGBT rock stars are hungryContinue reading “Telgate – Gammon”