The Malakites Interview

“We want people to feel like you can do anything you want if you really go for it. It don’t matter what background you’re from, or what football team you support… we’re all the same! “ – The Malakites One band we think are about to springboard into the cosmos after making seismic waves throughoutContinue reading “The Malakites Interview”

Rainyday Rainbow – Baby In The Basement

Wait! What’s that sound coming from the depths of the basement? No, it’s not a baby. It’s too much of a multicoloured cacophony of a melody to be a baby’s ululation. I think it’s actually Swansea psych-punks Rainyday Rainbow performing their latest mind-warping wonder of a single ‘Baby In The Basement’. Lead by Egg Spectrum,Continue reading “Rainyday Rainbow – Baby In The Basement”

Cardinals – Roseland

You’d do worse than look to current indie luminaries Fontaines D.C. for a tip on where the best new music is coming from, so when the group’s frontman Grian Chatten declares Cork rising stars Cardinals as one of his new favourite bands then we wanna know more. Enter Cardinals debut single proper, ‘Roseland’, their firstContinue reading “Cardinals – Roseland”

DAYZIES – Eskimo

If Bloc Party had a go at playing a slightly speeded up version of The Undertones 70’s classic ‘Teenage Kicks’, we reckon the resultant sound would be something akin to Newcastle indie rockers DAYZIES’ new single ‘Eskimo’, a healthy collision of hazardously angular guitars and high-spirited punk melody. The North-East four-piece’s third single release, namedContinue reading “DAYZIES – Eskimo”

iest – Lizard Skin Chic

Enigmatic singing songwriting newcomer iest has a magnificently cool blooded, blissed out space waltz in the bag for his third single, ‘Lizard Skin Chic’, putting his brittle, ambrosial vocals and washed out, lilting guitars up against obscured lyrics and a general dreamy feeling, all produced by South Welsh independent music maestro, Minas, and visually adornedContinue reading “iest – Lizard Skin Chic”

Half Happy – Say This Twice

Cardiff woozy indie-popsters Half Happy’s latest single ‘Say This Twice’ is part spoken word, part radiant melody and entirely a sublime record about irrecoverably lost love. Rose’s cool vocals give a disappointed but eloquent account of sorrowfully bored domestication alongside Pete’s lustrous, dramatic, Tame Impala-like guitars. Having heaps in common with alt-rock contemporaries Pit Pony,Continue reading “Half Happy – Say This Twice”

Megan Wyn – Familiar Faces

Megan Wyn’s second single, ‘Familiar Faces’, is as forceful and powerful as indie rock tunes come. The Welsh girl’s voice is at it’s husky finest and, along with co-songwriter Alex Quinn (The Royston Club, Lottery Winners), she’s managed to successfully forge an intensively driving alt-anthem to raging heartbreak. As she casts off the track’s soaringContinue reading “Megan Wyn – Familiar Faces”

Silent Forum – Here’s The Email

In small, atomised, spare bedrooms all across the land, lone office workers log in to check their emails, dripping milk from a bowl of Cheerios all over their duvet, soaking papers on their desk with Tassimo Costa macchiattos as they bustle to show active on Teams by 9am. With post-punk shades of Idles, Sports TeamContinue reading “Silent Forum – Here’s The Email”

Picture Parlour – Judgement Day

Sweeping theatrics are the order of the day on Picture Parlour’s second single ‘Judgement Day’. Liverpudlian frontwoman Katherine Parlour weaves together words with all the witty ingenuity of Alex Turner and the four piece’s dramatic instrumentation has more than a little in common with latter day Arctic Monkeys wide screen vision, or better still FatherContinue reading “Picture Parlour – Judgement Day”

PARCS – Wait!

Airy synths and carefree beats galore are abundantly on offer from Newport sad-popsters PARCS and their latest single ‘Wait!’. The husband and wife fronted four piece have gotten crafting danceable rhythms and snappy melodies down to a fine art, their latest track boasting all the glitz of Chvrches or Bis when they went full onContinue reading “PARCS – Wait!”