Serotones – Nothing’s What It Seems

Ladies and Gents, we have an epic on our hands here in the form of Serotones latest track ‘Nothing’s What It Seems’. Clocking in at a smidgen over the five minute mark, the York quintet led by Duke Witter – offspring of Shed Seven frontman Rick, have put together an evocative and emotional trip withContinue reading “Serotones – Nothing’s What It Seems”

Honeyglaze – Female Lead

Anouska Sokolow, lead songwriter of London trio Honeyglaze, tried bleaching her hair to look like the lead character in a film she was watching with unfortunate, Mum shaming, results. Thankfully for us, the lyrical humour it inspired is top notch. ‘Female Lead’ is an astoundingly perfect, laid back, twee indie pop single, possessing the spiritContinue reading “Honeyglaze – Female Lead”

Disgraceful Friend – Don’t Stand Up (Or Your Nose Is Gonna Bleed)

Following swiftly on from last year’s LP ‘Craft Excluder’, Barnsley writer and musician Ryan Bracha is back under the guise of Disgraceful Friend and today has brought two singles with him from out of the ether. Single number one, ‘Don’t Stand Up (Or Your Nose Is Gonna Bleed)’ is an intoxicating graveyard gothic garage rumble,Continue reading “Disgraceful Friend – Don’t Stand Up (Or Your Nose Is Gonna Bleed)”

Rachel Chinouriri – All I Ever Asked

Built on a bassline that could have been lifted from one of The XX’s sharpest tracks, ‘All I Ever Asked Of You’ sees Croydon’s Rachel Chinouriri sculpting a perfect indie pop song about frustrated love, like an upbeat Daughter or a less deranged MGMT, with a dreamy earworm of a synth-fuelled chorus. Chinouriri is onContinue reading “Rachel Chinouriri – All I Ever Asked”

James and The Cold Gun – It’s Mutual

We’re a couple weeks late with this one, but James and The Cold Gun have put out a blistering new single, ‘It’s Mutual’, the first track from their forthcoming debut EP proper ‘False Start’. South Wales is presently home to a long-overdue indie resurgence, with Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard, Bandicoot, Boy Azooga, Panic Shack and theirContinue reading “James and The Cold Gun – It’s Mutual”

Supera Morza – I’m Working It Out

Another single from an Edge of Arcady newbie favourite. For their third single, ‘I’m Working It Out’, Manchester’s Supera Morza have flung another essential grunge-pop, screeching bone-crusher at us, scaling Nirvana level heights, gullet-wrecking growls and confession that there’s something they’re trying to work out and “It’s all kinda shit”. Just as long as they’reContinue reading “Supera Morza – I’m Working It Out”

Landfill – Solid Gold

Landfill’s second single, ‘Solid Gold’, is poetic atonement and an earnest salute to their good friend and now manager – subject of less than complimentary number ‘Mister Fragile’ from former incarnation Underground Heroes in 2012 – cloaked in an exhilarating, high-speed indie rock tour de force. Shifting up a couple gears from debut single ‘Mutiny’,Continue reading “Landfill – Solid Gold”

Pit Pony – Black Tar

By rights ‘Black Tar’s hi-velocity drum beat and pulsating bass should be backing some sweaty hardcore punk track, but Pit Pony have taken that blueprint and flipped it over by casting in a wailing guitar riff and frontwoman Jackie Purver’s vocals that drift from impassive to passionate-as-fuck over the space of mere seconds, creating aContinue reading “Pit Pony – Black Tar”

Landfill – The ‘Solid Gold’ Interview

“Don’t watch the news, stay off your phone and come to a Landfill gig!” August 2021 saw the release of Landfill’s debut single ‘Mutiny’, a sparky indie-punk anthem for the COVID age, and this Friday the Medway gents are venturing out again with follow-up banger ‘Solid Gold’. Given the opportunity to find a bit moreContinue reading “Landfill – The ‘Solid Gold’ Interview”

Grace Calver – Zombie Conversations

Grace Calver is tired of crappy, short-winded Instagram conversations with wannabe casanovas who end up losing steam before they make it to a first date. So much so, she has turned her frustration into ‘Zombie Conversations’, a charming slack-pop dedication to wasted time on time wasters. Grace’s home counties accent sounds perfectly unimpressed over loose,Continue reading “Grace Calver – Zombie Conversations”