Rainyday Rainbow – Baby In The Basement

Wait! What’s that sound coming from the depths of the basement? No, it’s not a baby. It’s too much of a multicoloured cacophony of a melody to be a baby’s ululation. I think it’s actually Swansea psych-punks Rainyday Rainbow performing their latest mind-warping wonder of a single ‘Baby In The Basement’. Lead by Egg Spectrum,Continue reading “Rainyday Rainbow – Baby In The Basement”

Tom Emlyn – Return Journey Revisited: Scaredycat Vol. 1

Tom Emlyn is a man of ideas. Many, many abundant ideas bursting out of him. So much so, his latest release, ‘Return Journey Revisited: Scaredycat, Vol. 1’ is his third album release in the short time frame of two years. Even more remarkable when you bear in mind his ‘Scrounger EP’ of original tunes putContinue reading “Tom Emlyn – Return Journey Revisited: Scaredycat Vol. 1”

Tom Emlyn – Like A Cigarette

An elegant, pensive song written while busking outside a Frankfurt cafe, Swansea singer/poet/songwriter Tom Emlyn’s latest sparkler of a single is ‘Like A Cigarette’, an unimposing, mostly acoustic critique of the disposability of human interactions, like burned out smokes flicked to the floor. Quite a recurrent sight in the German city, no doubt. Accompanying theContinue reading “Tom Emlyn – Like A Cigarette”

Trampolene – Thinking Again

Swansea wonders Trampolene have made it back for a fourth album, and to launch it Jack Jones and his saturnalian squad have put out into the world the brand new single ‘Thinking Again’, an oblique bluesy salutation to the everyday arduous quandary of making a decision, then remaking that decision, then remaking that decision, andContinue reading “Trampolene – Thinking Again”