Tom Emlyn – Like A Cigarette

An elegant, pensive song written while busking outside a Frankfurt cafe, Swansea singer/poet/songwriter Tom Emlyn’s latest sparkler of a single is ‘Like A Cigarette’, an unimposing, mostly acoustic critique of the disposability of human interactions, like burned out smokes flicked to the floor. Quite a recurrent sight in the German city, no doubt.

Accompanying the first of three singles Emlyn plans to release throughout March and April is an atmospheric black and white video portraying the singer wandering the streets, lost in thought, like a WWII spy before setting his fedora on a banister rail and delivering a stream of coded messages into a candlestick telephone. That’s our interpretation anyway.

‘Like A Cigarette’ is out in the big wide world and available for you to enjoy on the streaming services and YouTube right now. The other two singles will be coming our merry way shortly, along with Emlyn’s forthcoming LP ‘Return Journey Revisited: Scaredycat Vol 1’, but first you can see the video for ‘Like A Cigarette’ below:

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