Vona Vella – Thought We Were Falling In Love

There is an occasional strata of bands out there with a startling ability to make fiercely upbeat, lively tunes, but when you dig just a scratch beneath the surface the subject matter is actually pretty rough. Vona Vella are one such band, on the days when they’re not making sun-drenched, out and out surf-chill classics.

‘Thought We Were Falling In Love’ is, on the face of it, breezy, light and jubilant, but within the fast air of effects pedals and Izzy Davis and Dan Cunningham’s rare coupling of accomplished voices lies the pained story of a lopsided love affair. The duo’s strongest single yet hears the pair candidly navigating their way through conflict while still managing to successfully fulfil the brief of an undeniably catchy, charming pop record.

A more than gratifying hint of the new tracks Vona Vella have ready in store over the next few months.

‘Thought We Were Falling In Love’ is Vona Vella’s first single from their debut album, after the marvellous ‘Go Outside Forever’ EP (which was released online in 2022 and now available on vinyl). You can find the video for the new single below:

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