Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard – Chew

Gone is the long hair, 70s folk rock vibes and rainbow jumpers. With new single ‘Chew’, the leaders of the Cardiff musical landscape, Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard, have experienced a dark rebirth, shorn their locks, purged the depths of hell itself and summonsed the blood-lust essence of metal. What better way to launch this new golden dawn than in a hymn to the hounds of hades?

Actually, that’s not quite true. Lead singer Tom Rees has had an extreme hair cut and they have traded the Grateful Dead feyness for Black Sabbath terror but rather than a paean to the fearsome 3-headed beast of hell, ‘Chew’ is a tribute to a few evening laps around Romilly Park with Rees’s pet dog Norma. Doubtless the guitars are more fuzzed up than they were on the Buzzards’ debut, the drums are more hypnotic and everything feels more intense, but existing fans of the band will be pleased to know the chorus still contains their trademark harmonies and the ominous bones getting chewed are probably Bonios, covered in good-boy slobber.

If you wanna hear ‘Chew’ you can check out the video to the song below, featuring bloodcurdling footage of Norma bounding across the park’s lawn, red eyes glaring, tail wagging, waiting forebodingly for pats and strokes:

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