Rainyday Rainbow – Baby In The Basement

Wait! What’s that sound coming from the depths of the basement? No, it’s not a baby. It’s too much of a multicoloured cacophony of a melody to be a baby’s ululation. I think it’s actually Swansea psych-punks Rainyday Rainbow performing their latest mind-warping wonder of a single ‘Baby In The Basement’.

Lead by Egg Spectrum, along with Tom Emlyn (whose provoking solo work we’ve featured a few times already), Evan Collett and Osian Boland, we suspect their latest track is the result of some freakish acid-trip hallucinated encounter with a perpetually wailing bambino phantasm as the interstellar psychedelic doom jazz vibrations of King Gizzard and Osees float around the aural periphery.

‘Baby In The Basement’ was released on 3rd November 2023 and is the first we’re getting to hear from Rainyday Rainbow’s forthcoming ‘Masters Of The Cosmos’ EP, due for release on 1st January 2024. The tracklist for the ‘Masters Of The Cosmos’ EP is below:

1 – Venomous Vines
2 – Your Nature
3 – Heir Of The Dog
4 – Baby In The Basement
5 – Masters Of The Cosmos
6 – Pot Skulgrim

You can have a listen to ‘Baby In The Basement’ on the Spotify link below:

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