Trampolene – Thinking Again

Swansea wonders Trampolene have made it back for a fourth album, and to launch it Jack Jones and his saturnalian squad have put out into the world the brand new single ‘Thinking Again’, an oblique bluesy salutation to the everyday arduous quandary of making a decision, then remaking that decision, then remaking that decision, andContinue reading “Trampolene – Thinking Again”

Chubby and The Gang – The Mutt’s Nuts

West London hardcore five piece Chubby and The Gang have quite rightly noted that the UK (potentially the world) is in a state. Thankfully, with Fucked Up’s Jonah Falco in the producer’s chair, Charlie ‘Chubby’ Manning-Walker and his troop have the anger, nous and know-how to express exactly how much of a state. The Mutt’sContinue reading “Chubby and The Gang – The Mutt’s Nuts”