Chubby and The Gang – The Mutt’s Nuts

West London hardcore five piece Chubby and The Gang have quite rightly noted that the UK (potentially the world) is in a state. Thankfully, with Fucked Up’s Jonah Falco in the producer’s chair, Charlie ‘Chubby’ Manning-Walker and his troop have the anger, nous and know-how to express exactly how much of a state.

The Mutt’s Nuts takes the brutal spirit of debut album Speed Kills with its Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Black Flag energy and imbues it with the 60’s pop tincture of genre-mates Johnny Thunders and Ramones. A perfect mash of gob-drenched styles.

Credit: Pooneh Ghana

The adrenaline charged title track acts as an announcement of arrival and, no less, a statement of intent. The record pulls in subjects from the dumb realness of giving over your time-earned wage to “not sleep outdoors” (It’s Me Who’ll Pay), people condemned by social or economic circumstance to spend time in prison (Coming Up Tough), to Chubby’s own Travis Bickle sentiments from his time driving a cab (On The Meter), and whether making the grade in meritocratic society is worth the sacrifice (Overachiever).

Like the human condition and life itself, the fierceness sits alongside the tender lovesick heart of Take Me Back To London Town, the corrupted Elton John rock’n’roll piano of Life On The Bayou, and the hazy lost love of Life’s Lemons.

Johnny Thunders referencing Lightning Don’t Strike Twice (“maybe baby, I was born to lose”) remembers the seething anger of feeling disadvantaged in society from birth. Finally, the new single I Hate The Radio ends with, ironically, the most radio-friendly melodic chorus of the record; maybe even their whole catalogue.

Chubby and The Gang may be royally pissed off with the state of the world but, with The Mutt’s Nuts, they communicate it in such a way that makes sure the world will want to give an ear and listen, buzzsaw guitar, piss stained alley imagery and all.

The Mutt’s Nuts is out now on Partisan Records. Chubby and The Gang embark on a 40 date UK & Ireland tour playing pretty much everywhere from 4th November 2021. For listings and tickets click here.

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