Beabadoobee – Our Extended Play

Beabadoobee feels like a lone and true successor of so many nineties mainstream britpop and shoegaze records, which don’t get enough carefree pop tributes, sung by Vanessa Carlton and this EP is a collaboration between Bea Beabadoobee and The 1975. Last Day On Earth is an uplifting, chilled out ode to burning down churches, stripping off your clothes and then getting ‘fucked up, alone’. Cologne sounds like Blur descending into a frazzle of feedback, like the breakdown in Radiohead’s Paranoid Android. Animal Noises calms things down a level, like a nostalgic Phoebe Bridgers swimming about under a sea of strings. He Gets Me So High starts off sugar sweet before developing an emo tinge courtesy of Matt Healy’s guest vocals. A great follow-up to their 2020 Fake It Flowers LP.

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