Spector – No One Knows Better

In the early 2000s Supergrass released a line of badges that boasted they were “Your second favourite band”. Twenty years on and Spector could probably proudly boast of holding the same space in every indie music fanatic’s heart. Leading up to the release of third album ‘Now or Whenever’ the acerbic London four piece have dispatched a bombardment of vital sounding new singles and No One Knows Better is the latest.

Frontman Fred Macpherson is a tragically underrated lyricist, a fact loudly on display in our current listening material as he bemoans the slow and indecisive death of a relationship – said partner hating how he leaves the corners bent in a coffee table book about illegal raves and left him staring disinterestedly at his unshaven reflection in the vicinity of Jim Morrison’s grave.

This single is on the pensive, reflective side of Spector’s repertoire, keeping a low and slow tempo, until the bridge arrives and the song lifts with Macpherson delivering the bruising couplet “Every time you say that you shouldn’t stay I’m shaking/ But the song that plays as you drive away is amazing”. Bring on the album’s release date, 1st October!

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