Let’s Eat Grandma – Hall Of Mirrors

Let’s Eat Grandma’s latest single Hall Of Mirrors is mystical, enchanting, pure rainbow-pop with a tinge of sorrow.

The first taste of the Norwich duo’s as-yet-untitled third album is a synthesiser-soaked, electro, shimmering fairground of flashing fairy lights and whirling waltzers, backed with a pumping drum machine, proclaiming a secret, dizzying and confusing love that ends up being a pandora’s box when brought out into the open, sweetly declaring “there wasn’t a girl that had made me shy until I talked to you”.

A bio somewhere describes the group as ‘sludge pop’ and we reckon that is a brilliant summation of Let’s Eat Grandma’s sound. You can find the single out on Transgressive records now.

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