Proletariat – Don’t Turn Out The Lights

Right off the starting block ‘Don’t Turn Out The Lights’ launches into a riff out of The Stooges toolbox and when James Cummins vocals kick in like a Lee Mavers for the 2020s you know you’re in for a bloody big treat. Nestled in the heart of the track is a brilliantly overwhelming sense of foreboding that refuses to quit, not even in the starkly tranquil bridge when the bassline is exposed, the singer repeatedly begs or warns the listener with the title of the song and the darkly rollicking final minute promises if you were to pull on the bulb string something terrible would go down.

Proletariat are four Manchester boys with a whopping 13 singles under their belt and if you’re aching for more after this gem of a tune be sure to check out prior single ‘Losing Control is a Beautiful Thing’.

Wanna see them live? They’re headlining Gorilla in Manchester on 21st May 2022. Tickets are procurable at this here link:

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