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Sheffield newcomers Harri Larkin are made up of Cornwall’s Harri Tape and Sheffield boys Danton Laromani on drums and Oscar South on bass. Their debut album, Beach City, is the aural equivalent of laying back on sand, headphones in, eyes closed, as a beaming sun hangs high up in a clear blue sky, feeling every bit inspired by Tape’s Cornish beach-bum roots.

Harri’s voice is sunkist saccharine over a world of slacker-punk of styles, from No Doubt-ska opener Pennywise, Libertines pub-rock with a bit of Green Day on Roma, Dashboard Confessional meets Lit punk-pop on Medicine, Candycained’s perfect sugar pop over funk guitars, Out My Mind is a calm acoustic track with added heavyweight hooks. You would think a track called Calm Down would be a subdued slow point but it’s covered in whoops and hollers with the rhythm section lending backing vocals, shining through as one of the record’s bubbliest moments. Prior single Sugar Rush is a Red Hot Chilli Peppers inspired party jam.

With lyrics focussing on being skint, hangovers, drugs, looking out for mates going through some horrible shit on Saving Aimee, it’s a collection that explores some sobering issues but its buoyant character stops proceedings ever getting bogged down and heavy.

Harri Larkin

Originally released as a 200 physical CD limited run, Beach City flew out of Harri Larkin’s mail box in under 3 months and is now long sold out. Never fear, as the album receives a full digital release on 28th November with singles Pennywise, Saving Aimee, Tumbleweed and Sugar Rush, along with bonus tracks Sunburn and Moon Pie still up on the streaming sites.

The group have announced a free entry Album Launch Show at The Washington in Sheffield on 28th November and have recently been confirmed as openers for Tramlines festival at Hillsborough Park, Sheffield, on Friday 22nd July 2022, if you’re looking to catch them live.

Find the official video for Pennywise below and place 28th November in your diaries now:

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