Spector – Now or Whenever

Spector have spent some time away. It’s been seven years since their last full length LP – 2015’s monolithic synth-laden ‘Moth Boys’, which itself arrived a few years after supercharged indie debut ‘Enjoy It While It Lasts’, but their break has been anything but one spent twiddling their thumbs. With a slew of EPs, producer credits and other musical projects the lads have explored myriad avenues, burnt up experimental energies and have settled back into their Spector suits for ‘Now or Whenever’.

The guitars are clutched firmly to their chests, the choruses have been pumped up really, really big and Fred Macpherson’s lyrics are as incisive and quick as they’ve ever been. ‘Do You Wanna Drive’ sounds like ‘Chevy Thunder’s cautious, slightly jaded uncle with “McDonalds on the dashboard, horizon in our eyes” and ‘Bad Summer’ tells the story of a short and doomed sad romance kindled at a friend’s wedding over a driving guitar line that Interpol will undoubtedly be jealous of.

Some of their finest musical pals have been roped into the mix as The Magic Gang lend a couple of their inimitably upbeat harmonies to ‘Norwegian Air’ and ‘Funny Way Of Showing It’, as well as ‘I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying’ which has MT Hadley giving a jaunty helping hand as the frontman admits to an ill-fated love: “guess we’re different aspect ratios”.

Closer ‘An American Warehouse in London’ spiritedly twists with the story of a trans-atlantic relationship but where both parties are English in the US and taking over-exposed photos, ending at a point where Fred’s voice basically becomes Julian Casablancas’ on ‘Repitalia’ as he croons “euphoria’s boring/ when you’re not here”.

If Spector must disappear into the wilderness every few years to restock and reload their premier league indie arsenal, when the fruits are a collection of hooks, choruses and words as stonkingly huge as these… yeah, we’re good with that.

‘Now or Whenever’ is finally out now to buy in many bundles and forms over at spector.co.uk or you can stream it on all of the usual platforms. The boys are also out on tour very soon. The shows have been delayed but all rescheduled dates are available to purchase here.

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