Wez King – M.H.

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week 2022, Maidstone singer-songwriter Wez King has recorded and released the gorgeously uplifting ‘M.H’. A frank confessional salutation to the gulf of depression and the determination to overcome it and stay alive, King’s hefty, resolute vocals rendered over a heart-bursting melody and life-affirming guitar lines and piano.

The track particularly empathises with male experiencers of mental health problems – “And I know that you never want to talk, at the end of the day that’s what makes you sad” with the solo artist digging deep into his own experience of addiction and breakdown to encourage anyone who might be struggling with the same.

Rather brilliantly, Wez King is using the release of ‘M.H.’ as an opportunity to raise awareness for Mental Health Foundation, a charity providing vital support to people in mental health crisis and excellent resources improving the public conversation about mental health issues. Funds raised by the record will also be donated to the charity.

If you want to buy the song and support the cause you can find the track on iTunes and Amazon. You can stream the song on Spotify below:

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