Shadow Bones – Over and Out

Shadow Bones comes from Surrey, England, and his latest single ‘Over and Out’ is a ginormous, warm, caring hug for anyone battling addiction and despair. The artist also known as Luke Williams describes his musical genre as indie americana and ‘Over and Out’ is positioned somewhere between Tom Petty, Teenage Fanclub and Green Day when they when they cast off their punk rock riotousness and embrace their tuneful melodiousness.

Photo Credit: Coastline Media

Williams uses his musical platform to reflect on his own seven year journey through sobriety, making his way to a level of personal peace and the clear, calm realisation at the end of a relationship, a time that could previously have signalled further breakdown and confusion, that: “All I ever really wanted was all I ever really had/ Yeah all I ever really wanted, was to be happy/ I hope you understand”. Aside from the heartening sentiment the record also has a cracking harmonica part – something that, when done as well as this, lifts a great song into the realms of excellence.

Check out the touching video for ‘Over and Out’ below, featuring Shadow Bones looking back over a relationship through the medium of loved-up super 8 seaside footage:

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