AmyJo Doh & The Spangles – Take A Stand EP

AmyJo Doh & The Spangles are having a massive, joyous, ska-pop-punk hullabaloo and we’re all invited to listen in on their latest EP ‘Take a Stand’, an joyfully upbeat, rainbow coloured blast of a record. The Spanish/English band were formed in Madrid by AmyJo Doherty (sister of The Libertines Peter Doherty) in 2013 and their latest release is a statement of glamorous intent and encouragement to boldly fight for your beliefs, AmyJo’s estuary English vocals over machine gun guitars creating a concoction like a slightly less crazy X-Ray Spex.

To broadcast their positively uplifting rock’n’roll communiquè they utilise classic rock and riffs aplenty on ‘Time Trap’ as a gentle and pertinent reminder that time is forever running down and there’s not a second to waste, showing short shrift to whinging armchair moaners and demanding “turn off your tele and get out of your chair, take a look at the world outside, there’s lots of lovely things out there” on ‘Shut Up!’, wonderfully hook-laden melodic punk on ‘It Is What It Is’, theatrically describing a battle with drink, paranoia and inner monsters on ‘Not Quite Sure’ and the rabble raising ‘Take A Stand’ asks the listeners to decisively stand up for their cause, with a magical keyboard outro.

AmyJo Doh & The Spangles ‘Take A Stand EP’ is out NOW on all of the streaming platforms. You can find the EP on Spotify below.

Also check out the live version of ‘Take A Stand’ recorded at “El Bunker de San Crispin” Studios in Madrid in June 2021 below as well:

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