Grace Calver – Addicted

On her new single, ‘Addicted’, Suffolk/Essex alternative-pop songstress Grace Calver is extra clear about one particular point – this is not a love song! The track sees Grace take a slight departure from the dream-pop of her last two singles and lean further into her alt-rock influences in order to convey the suckiness of liking someone a bit too much when the other party barely notices you’re alive. Think Beabadoobee getting stuck into some 90s Weezer.

Playfully nudging the line of stalkerdom, the singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist sings of not just craving the attention of the apple of her eye but basically allowing them to consume her every waking thought, the cutesy melody and indie rock finesse ensuring matters remain purely in the realm of sighing, wistful fantasy instead of being-dragged-away-kicking-and-screaming problematic.

The wonderful ‘Addicted’ was released on Friday 30th September 2022 and is available to stream on all streaming platforms right now. Listen to it on Spotify below:

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