Circa Waves – Do You Wanna Talk?

If you had to whittle down one particular, outstanding, defining skill that Circa Waves have when it comes to making records that sets them apart from the rest of the indie pack, it would have to be their ability to craft a new angularly euphonious guitar hook for every one of their alt-dancefloor bangers. Latest single ‘Do You Wanna Talk?’ sees them pulling another one out of their infinite bag to complete this shimmering delight of a jive-worthy bop.

Having attempted a slight foray into the world of sonic experimentation on 2020’s ‘Sad Happy’ LP, the Liverpudlian gang have reigned themselves back in for a song about getting inadvertently and absolutely twatted, ending up too incapacitated to enter into conversation when approached by an appealing gal and the principle character’s subsequent pang of regret, realising they have no choice but to drunkenly stumble away into the night.

‘Do You Wanna Talk?’ is the second single from Circa Waves newly announced fifth album ‘Never Going Under’, a partial concept album musing on the environment and political issues the next generation will be lumbered with. You can pre-order the album in a magnificent bunch of bundles including a Live at Brixton CD right now. The record will be released on 13/01/2023.

The record’s track list is as thus:
1. Never Going Under
2. Do You Wanna Talk?
3. Hell On Earth
4. Your Ghost
5. Carry You Home
6. Northern Town
7. Electricity City
8. Want It All Today
9. Golden Days
10. Hold On
11. Living In The Grey

‘Do You Wanna Talk?’ was released on 22nd September 2022 and you can watch the official video below:

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