Maze – Step Too Soon

‘Step Too Soon’ sees South London 6 piece Maze team up with Dean Mumford of The Rifles to create an enraptured, brit-rock gem of a track. With a slight nod to Stone Roses, the song takes the Madchester rhythm and blisses it out some way further than many groups are prepared to go, Mumford adding dreamy strings and additional instrumentation to get things properly celestial.

Setting themselves on the same level as DMA’s, the song professes the importance of not pushing people away, being open instead of bottling up emotion, which is appropriate as ‘Step Too Soon’ feels like a complete and utter fountainhead of overflowing, ecstatic feeling. No sentiment is being held back around here!

Maze are playing the following live dates before the end of the year:
October 28th – The Basement, Chelmsford
November 11th – Shiiine On Festival, Butlins, Minehead
December 23rd – The Concorde, Brighton

‘Step Too Soon’ was released on 21st October 2022 and you can hear it through the Spotify link below right now:

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