Tennis – One Night With The Valet

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Laid back indie-pop couple Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley, better known by the moniker: Tennis, return to the public arena with an easy going, DIY soul groover. ‘One Night With The Valet’ packs in keyboard, drums and a fuckload of synthesiser, with Moore’s voice at it’s breathy, supernal sweetest over Riley’s immaculately unblemished production.

Not even nudging the two minute ribbon, the song’s lyrics abstractly contemplate temptation with imagery of white doves and scattered pearls, a spotless vision that neatly shapes the record’s clean aesthetic, complimented further by a promo video that sees the vocalist cavorting among goats, sheep and horses on a blue sky, sun-drenched country farm as twilight descends.

Pollen – Album Cover

The sixth album from Tennis – ‘Pollen’ has been given a release date on 10th Febuary 2023. You can pre-order it now. See the tracklist below:

1. Forbidden Doors
2. Glorietta
3. Let’s Make a Mistake Tonight
4. One Night with the Valet
5. Pollen Song
6. Hotel Valet
7. Paper
8. Gibraltar
9. Never Been Wrong
10. Pillow for a Cloud

The group are also on tour throughout 2023. The tour dates are below and tickets are available NOW:

You should also be aware the duo have added a second London date on 15th February due to massive demand.

If you wanna catch the rural themed video clip, it’s featured below for your viewing pleasure:

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