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“Whiles I am a beggar, I will rail and say there is no sin but to be rich; and being rich, my virtue then shall be to say there is no vice but beggary”, said the other bard (Shakespeare) about the subject of Trampolene’s new single ‘Money’. The message from Jack Jones, the modern day Bard of Wales, about the ever baneful root of all evil is a bit kinder toward vagrants, but the group’s wordful magician of a frontman does consider how his opinion of wealth has mellowed more than in his younger years.

The Swansea gang would know their way around a catchy guitar tune blindfolded but Trampolene do what they do best when Jones’ verse is shamelessly centre stage, their new single seeing their poet singer recite a playful postulation on the awkward positives and negatives of finance over a squelchy, industrial techno beat with a bunch of vocal distortion added on the chorus to spice things up even more. Let’s just hope, for her sake, he never finishes paying off his mum’s mortgage!

‘Money’ was released on January 19th 2023 via Strap Originals and is taken from Trampolene’s forthcoming fourth studio album ‘Rules of Love & War’, due for release on March 17th 2023. You can pre-order the record now.

You can see the excellent video for ‘Money’ below:

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