The Malakites Interview

“We want people to feel like you can do anything you want if you really go for it. It don’t matter what background you’re from, or what football team you support… we’re all the same! “ – The Malakites One band we think are about to springboard into the cosmos after making seismic waves throughoutContinue reading “The Malakites Interview”

The Alias Kid Interview

“I can only think there is a hidden movement of total bellends that’s maintaining the status quo. If you are one of those people then you aren’t allowed to listen to Alias Kid. Turn off the radio and go fuck yourself.” Mancunian virtuosos Alias Kid are preparing for a big and boisterous return to theContinue reading “The Alias Kid Interview”

Landfill – The ‘Solid Gold’ Interview

“Don’t watch the news, stay off your phone and come to a Landfill gig!” August 2021 saw the release of Landfill’s debut single ‘Mutiny’, a sparky indie-punk anthem for the COVID age, and this Friday the Medway gents are venturing out again with follow-up banger ‘Solid Gold’. Given the opportunity to find a bit moreContinue reading “Landfill – The ‘Solid Gold’ Interview”

The Parlor Chase Interview

“The train is rolling fast. The wave is pushing us. We’ll just do what we do and ride it. Having fun.” The Parlor Chase are from Los Angeles and recently completed a tour of the US Southern States. One of the first bands to contact Edge of Arcady in our very early days and citingContinue reading “The Parlor Chase Interview”

Pineto Cats – The ‘A Line To Separate’ Interview

“We never knew when we started rehearsing the song that it would turn into a twenty month jam.” Way back when, in the early days of Edge of Arcady, we received a message from Irish indie group Pineto Cats, pointing us in the direction of their seven minute epic video A Line To Separate. WithContinue reading “Pineto Cats – The ‘A Line To Separate’ Interview”

Pioneers -The ‘What Have You Got To Prove?’ Interview

“Possibly we now understand how everything isn’t so straight forward and easy as it seemed when we were young with the debut single.” What Have You Got To Prove?’ is the latest single to be released by Pioneers, Southampton’s current finest indie rock group. Written during lockdown and recorded at the legendary Rockfield Studios inContinue reading “Pioneers -The ‘What Have You Got To Prove?’ Interview”