Drool – Teenage Skin

Written by Laura Day Drool’s long awaited single, ‘Teenage Skin’, comes off the back of successful UK shows and follows their ‘Runaway EP’ released June 2021. And, as always, the boys have smashed it. ‘Teenage Skin’ is a beautiful sonnet dedicated to nostalgic yearnings for youth. However, more than that, it acknowledges the emotional complexityContinue reading “Drool – Teenage Skin”

Muse – Won’t Stand Down

Written by Laura Day Muse are a band that have defied their own boundaries time and time again. Forged in the crucible of uncertainty over the last two years, ‘Won’t Stand Down‘ is a testament to their determination to transcend musical expectations. With a juggernaut bassline that pulses through the bones, Bellamy spins a heavy-metalContinue reading “Muse – Won’t Stand Down”