Lana Del Rey – Arcadia

This song is special. Arcadia not only has a perfectly apt title for this here blog, it’s a gorgeous ballad of a song. Back in March Lana Del Rey announced a new album, fast on the heels of Chemtrails Over The Country Club, that would deal with criticism recently aimed at her and delve deeper into the personal history she chose to omit from her songwriting until now. Arcadia, from forthcoming album Blue Bannisters, delivers. A breathless waltz exploring the peaks and pitfalls of her life’s journey to Arcadia – the heavenly nirvana of the poet (or a city in California). Written with songwriter and producer Drew Erickson, this sexy piano-led number alludes to Lana’s new album being every bit as much of a classic as her past two releases. As the artist herself recommended on her social medias, “listen to it like you listened to video games”. 

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