Lauran Hibberd – Goober EP

The Goober EP is a FUN record! Bleugh is sarcastic bubblegum punk with an English accent and dumb guitar riffs. In it, Hibberd casually tears apart a disinterested lad from the skatepark she dated for a bit and then dumped. Old Nudes is a bit more quirky pop than punk, this time with Lauran sticking a knife into the front of some boy obsessed with an old dodgy pic of her. How Am I Still Alive? is slacker rock, like Karen O singing Weezer. Boy Bye is a female Blink 182 in contemplative mood, imagining fondly hanging an ex-boyfriend from a chandelier before kissing him goodnight. Crush is a wall of sun kissed heavy fuzz about ending a relationship before it falls apart. You Never Looked So Cool is a wistful California acoustic reminiscence that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Best Coast record. Fun, like rollerblading around the park with your mates on a Friday evening fun. (I can’t rollerblade and don’t have any mates who can either but if I did I reckon that’s what it’d be like).

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