Sunflower Bean – Baby Don’t Cry

New York bands often follow a cool by numbers template, brooding in leather jacket and shades. Which is why it’s refreshing that Sunflower Bean buck the NY trend with their glitter and feather boa, bright, brash, intelligent glamour flair.

Baby Don’t Cry is a tribute to putting the radio on, listening to whatever plays out of the speaker and feeling something from it, whether joy, melancholy or despair. A break from the digital streaming world. There are strains of Hole and Wolf Alice, but Cumming, Kivlen and Faber have carved out their own unmistakable niche over their past two albums and numerous EPs, with a punchier, fizzier sound than their peers.

Baby Don’t Cry is their first single since 2020’s Moment In The Sun so we hope to Christ there’s a new album on the way now!

Thirsty for more? Check out their song Twentytwo which may just be one of the best songs ever written:

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