Pigeon Wigs – Near The Knuckle

One day Cardiff’s newest gang, Pigeon Wigs, convinced Jack White, The Rolling Stones and The Black Keys to go for a stroll in Blackweir Woods. When they got to a clearing all five band members pounced on them and forced them into a Fisher Price blender. They slammed down the lid and switched the blender on. Out came their brand new single – Near The Knuckle.

After a year of delays, this loud, outrageous, retro shock-wave of rootsy blues psychedelia is the first taster Pigeon Wigs are providing the outside world of their sound and suffice to say we’re excited. There are riffs, there’s tambourine, there’s an abundance of ooohs, approaching pastiche but cracking out a drum roll before they get there.

With Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard and Panic Shack ruffling feathers and now Pigeon Wigs bursting onto the scene, it feels like something’s bubbling up in Cardiff. We’re mega keen to hear what comes next.

Near The Knuckle is out now on Clwb Music. Watch the excellent video below.

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