Pigeon Wigs – Rock By Numbers

If you’re stumbling around the place looking for some jumbo, godzilla-sized, magniloquent tunes, then may we point you in the direction of Pigeon Wigs debut mini-album ‘Rock By Numbers’, you lucky, lucky thing? After delivering a string of psychedelic blues rock monoliths with singles ‘Near The Knuckle’, ‘Death Of A King’, ‘Hold Up!’ and ‘RadiationContinue reading “Pigeon Wigs – Rock By Numbers”

SHLUG – Baby Teef

If we were to analyse it, we tend to throw the word punk around quite free and easily when bands shout their lyrics and play spiky guitar bits with a limited number of chords. SHLUG, however, are PUNK, not just with a capital P but with a capital every letter. ‘Baby Teef’ is hardcore. YouContinue reading “SHLUG – Baby Teef”

Pigeon Wigs – Near The Knuckle

One day Cardiff’s newest gang, Pigeon Wigs, convinced Jack White, The Rolling Stones and The Black Keys to go for a stroll in Blackweir Woods. When they got to a clearing all five band members pounced on them and forced them into a Fisher Price blender. They slammed down the lid and switched the blenderContinue reading “Pigeon Wigs – Near The Knuckle”