Vona Vella – Driving to L.A.

Driving to L.A. is a sunny, optimistic soul song with jazz. A wistful, escapist soundtrack, like a road trip to a far off place, “a thousand miles away” on a crisp autumn day with the windows down and the radio on. Izzy Davis and Dan Cunningham share entwined vocal duties as a duo, Izzy’s sweet, ebullient voice positioned at the high end of the register and Cunningham’s low, silken tones at the opposite end, sounding decades beyond his actual number of years, the perfect accompaniment to a daydream.

As Vona Vella are only the second artists, other than Pete Doherty himself, to have a release on Strap Originals, they’re a strong hint at the potential eclectic stall of exciting new artists the label is preparing.

Find the Driving to L.A Spotify link below and search for the video directed by the legendary Roger Sargent on YouTube.

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