Kasabian – ALYGATYR

Mired in controversy over last year’s shock exit of joint frontman Tom Meighan, Kasabian have kept their heads down since but comeback single Alygatyr is the sound of a band reenergised, hungry and able to take back their place at the top of the charts.

Now solely fronted by Serge Pizzorno, Kasabian have upped their game with a single sounding fresher and stronger than their recent releases. The bass is fuzzed up to the max reminding us they were making dancefloor rock’n’roll long before new peers like Royal Blood had a go. Utilising autotune stupendously in the pre-chorus chant “I wanna know if you hear the rhythm out in space” before roaring out the biggest chorus they’ve come up with since Empire, the suggestion that the band are fully back on track is strong.

Meighan has also released a new single named ‘Would You Mind’ which we’ll review on Edge of Arcady soon, but with their current well received tour and powerful material like this it seems there’s plenty of fuel left in Kasabian’s tank yet.

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