Sterling Press – Plastic Bag // Daisy

For some reason I don’t think Sterling Press are singing about Tesco 20p carriers here. Plastic Bag is another essential communication from the London lads of ‘Lots of Noise’ fame. An all-in optimistic alt-indie tune about anticipation to the point of feeling sick, and longing to “feel the magic/ like a plastic bag/, feel the weight of the world/ step away from me”. Whatever it is they’re alluding to is left tantalisingly open to your interpretation. Complete with a monster of a pub rock chorus and a seriously uplifting middle 8 made up of their most soaring riff yet, this is Sterling Press’ greatest effort so far.

Bonus track Daisy is a turbo charged close relation of prior single Lots of Noise, a tongue-in-cheek ska-soaked tribute to the great British holiday, well deserved “euro pints/ with cheap dinners/ and holiday homes” after a draining 50 weeks of workplace labour. Wall of sound guitars end up making way for a eurodisco breakdown before collapsing into an emphatic assertion backed with fast paced drum roll, “we really need to wake up”.

Sterling Press begin a 7 date tour of the UK starting with a sold out gig on Friday 5th November (plenty of bangers but no fireworks) in Bristol. Be sure to catch them if you’re into this. Tickets available here.

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