Death Of The High Street – Banker

When the bone-shaking bassline rumbles, signaling the start of Death Of The High Street’s second single, you know you’re in for a treat. Seconds later the drums blitz their way in and so begins a fierce take down of that penthouse elite who’ve never received comeuppance for causing the global financial crash.

Vocalist Scott Baxter isn’t pulling any punches here, in fact he’s administering an almighty fucking pummelling while venom spills from his every chewed up word, with the uncomfortable observation that Mr Banker (the rhyming slang is intentional) “loves a free market economy more than he loves his kids and wife”. The guitars every bit as loud as the Derby punks’ hatred of Canali suited, stock market fat-cats.

Published by heyrichey

I like music. In my spare time sometimes I listen to it and then write about the music I've listened to.

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