Peter Doherty & Frédéric Lo – The Fantasy Life Of Poetry & Crime

Peter Doherty’s new single sees him get together with French musical director, composer, producer and singer-songwriter Frédéric Lo and the product is something relaxed, softer and more controlled than The Libertines and Puta Madres frontman’s standard output.

Featuring trumpets, strings and Lo on guitar duties, the song evokes the feeling of an old nostalgic film soundtrack with Doherty’s louche lyrics, inspired by French detective novelist Maurice Leblanc, who spent time living in the singer’s current Normandy home town of Étretat, conjuring images of the writer’s creative life in Seine-Maritime; the fantasy – chiming bells, being unknowingly lost in space and time, and the crime – the coppery taste of a gun in the face.

The duo have a whole album ready to come out shortly but, for now, check out the video for the song below:

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